Day -1 (28 June 2016)

Last day before we begin to shift to WALES.  Red at night, cyclists’ delight!
The darker the green on this map, the more Welsh is spoken
Very approximate route.   Peg and Christo are doing the ‘Day O’ ride as a privileged training opportunity before the rest of us join them

From a brother in Sweden, today:

‘Just back from a conference with 15,000 delegates.  Visiting (English) speaker very good. He mentioned that he had some “health issues” to discuss. The (Swedish) interpreter thought he said “healthy shoes” and translated accordingly.  Sniggers in the hall, so speaker tried again with same result, and again very slowly but to no avail.  Healthy shoes they remained.   (I’ve forgotten everything else he had to say, but this bit will stay with me a long time).’

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