‘Day O(b)’ – 30 June 2016

A reminder of  what we are supporting – and huge thanks to so many of you for getting us off to a generous start, and for your kind messages.



A health centre built with community participation; and a community volunteer visiting a man with epilepsy

Back to this end: yesterday’s Day O was the End of the Beginning, today’s Day O is the Beginning of the End.  Today Peg and Christo, who reached SW Wales yesterday, will do their own training loop from Clynderwen to Marloes and back (or so they say, but we know there’s a nice cafe in Clynderwen), while the rest of us converge on Clynderwen by trains: Glynis and Ben having sailed their yacht across the Bay of Biscay (yikes!!!), and Liz and Malcolm having  returned by train from various not-quite-equally hazardous parleys in London.

One thought on “‘Day O(b)’ – 30 June 2016

  1. David Molyneux

    Support for LAHOW over here in Sweden is massive! Crowds have been lining the west coast from Gothenburg down to Malmö since last Thursday. The cheering is deafening and you can make out words of encouragement like: Well done! and Keep it up! The whole country is beginning to tip into the sea because of the extra weight on the west side so some of the fans have been asked to move across to the east coast to balance things up. Many seem happy to do this and are now shouting loudly out over the Baltic Sea.
    I have been mingling through the crowds over the past five days shaking a collection-box and am pleased to report that I have already got in £4.55 towards your project. Quite good I think bearing in mind Brexit and Englands performance in the UEFA Cup!
    Malcolm’s very embarrassing dive into the river was missed by most supporters over here. Lucky for him! It would have sent thousands home to their log cabins mumbling things like “The IDIOT – whatever is he playing at? Can’t even stay on the road! Or maybe he thinks it’s an Iron Man competition!”

    Anyway…..lots of support from Sweden and we wish you the best of weather and lots of fun and….plenty of stops for coffee!


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