Day 2 – 2 July

Magnificent St David’s Cathedral (1311-1910 – over this period the original was frequently rebuilt or restored)

Immediately to the west of the cathedral is the Bishop’s Palace (14th century), lacking tons of lead roofing removed by Oliver Cromwell’s forces (17th C) as they pursued the concept of a Commonwealth of England. [Now we know better].
For today’s Welsh lessons


(i) work it out                                                             (ii) means The stone of the Cross
WELL PLAYED WALES!!  Today we shall share loud cheers with all we come 
across, in recognition of the magnificent win against Belgium last 
night.  Please do not think that our enthusiasm will have ulterior 
motives such as hope for a free drink or 50% off the price of carrot 

Yesterday on the way to St David's we battled heavy rain and a strong
westerly wind, buoyed by the knowledge that the wind would blow us all 
the way back in the afternoon, as indeed it did - with the bonus of 
almost continuous sunshine, unpredicted by the BBC.  Hope they're 
wrong today too.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – 2 July

  1. Just a thought on “Day 3”
    Feel very sorry for Ben having that nasty fall. Hope he has been able to continue tho’ scathed.
    Looking back (especially when cycling) is always a bit of a risk….remember Lot’s wife!
    As youngest brother I was pleased to see that Gordon had joined the group without causing too much confusion (he tends to do that – cause confusion I mean!) but I was dismayed to see on the photo that he had no shoes on. We all know he has health issues and cycling in just socks will only make things worse.
    We’re enjoying following progress and hope the weather will be kind today and that all goes well.


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