Day 3 – 3 July

The hazards you encounter…


…but Peg meets similar obstacles in Mozambique (a), and we had non-watery blockages on our ride too (b, above).


We were proceeding at 25 mph along a slightly downhill part of the A40 (unusual size of road for us, but lunch beckoned) when our Ben decided to glance back.  This act induced a wobble, the front tyre caressed the curb, and Ben described a spectacular somersault to the left, sustaining wounds on his head and on each leg, but no bone broken. M and E following close behind had front-row seats at no cost.  Ben’s Guardian Angel had arranged this to happen where the grass verge was luxuriant (see i below) and not somewhere else (eg a few yards further on, ii).  We wondered whether the GA might have taken preventive action a few moments earlier, but who are we….


(i) where Ben fell                                  (ii) where he might have fallen

Other scenes of the day (1) surprise; (2) shining armour without knight , Llandovery; (3) haunt of swallows, where Christo mentioned that swifts don’t touch ground for 4 years.


          (1)                                             (2)                            (3)
GORDON and CHRISTINE Molyneux joined the peleton and motorcade respectively.  A pleasure thus to enhance the party!


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – 3 July

  1. Colin Morley

    Well done team. I love reading the blog and seeing the pictures, especially the disasters. The more the better. ….but nothing serious please my heart wont take it.


  2. Simon Bailey

    Malcolm it looks like your canal practice may have been useful in the rain near the bridge.
    Who is holding the maillot jeune for LAHOW?
    Le tour doesn’t seem as much fun.


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