Day 4 – 4 July

Congratulations to USA, from the LAHOW team.

We’ve got to hand it to Christo.  He’s just a simple route-finder, given to moroseness and long periods of silence, but he knows his job.  Yesterday’s route was by common consent among the finest any of us can remember.

And we were bathed in golden sunshine and caressed by a gentle breeze


By general agreement GORDON was hero of the day.  He had not ridden a bike much at all for years, but came out and gave it his best.  We were all worried that he was finding it just too easy, but luckily some of the steeper hills defeated him, but hey, there’s a future in cycling for this guy, and we’re also delighted that he has surpassed his fundraising target.

(1) Gordon on bridge ….                       and (2) collapsed after a hill (not for long)


One thought on “Day 4 – 4 July

  1. Having read the enthusiastic comments on brother Gordon’s performance today I must (reluctantly) take back all I wrote about him in my previous comment. Even the bit about him cycling in just white socks proved to be wrong. I see in this photo from today that he was in fact wearing white tennis shoes. In the previous and less clear photo he did look to be shoe-less. So I do take my hat (and shoes) off to you Gordon and hope you won’t be too stiff tomorrow!


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