Day -1 (28 June 2016)

Last day before we begin to shift to WALES.  Red at night, cyclists’ delight!
The darker the green on this map, the more Welsh is spoken
Very approximate route.   Peg and Christo are doing the ‘Day O’ ride as a privileged training opportunity before the rest of us join them

From a brother in Sweden, today:

‘Just back from a conference with 15,000 delegates.  Visiting (English) speaker very good. He mentioned that he had some “health issues” to discuss. The (Swedish) interpreter thought he said “healthy shoes” and translated accordingly.  Sniggers in the hall, so speaker tried again with same result, and again very slowly but to no avail.  Healthy shoes they remained.   (I’ve forgotten everything else he had to say, but this bit will stay with me a long time).’

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Day -3 (26 June 2016)

(A) Nowhere to hide on Formby beach
Interesting to wonder which has the greater load:carrier weight 
ratio - the Malawian sack-carrier (B), or the lorry parked at 
a Truckers' Lodge in NW Carlisle (C). Offers on a postcard... etc

In (C), note also the different directions currently being taken 
by Western Civilization.

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Day -4 (25 June 2016)

PS – Thanks Jan Matthews for your comment that Anglesey is too far round to be seen from Crosby, and that the land visible behind the distant windmills is actually Llandudno and the Great Orme’s Head.  If you mean ‘too far round the curvature of the earth’ to be seen from Crosby, you could be right, but not if you mean ‘too far round the curvature of Wales’ – see map above.  The dotted line runs almost due west, and the window from which the picture was taken is quite high off the ground, so we still vote for that being Anglesey.
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Day -5 (24 June 2016)

Well, it seems that we (UK) have decided to break ourselves off from the great EU Chair*, since we’ll flourish better as a leg all by ourself, and the Chair…hey, that’s no concern of ours, let it take care of itself.


We can now get on with fun and improvised games without being told what to do all the time.
*[OK, that chair is in Geneva, not EU, but the meaning is plain - 
it's not only the left front leg that's lost out, but the Chair too].

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Day -8 (21 June 2016)

Yesterday: It seemed like an innocent canal…


…until a lapse of attention, a patch of mud on the path, a slithering skid, and suddenly Malcolm had disappeared, bike and all.  Both had to be hauled out.  At the next tea-shop we admitted this to the proprietress, who shrieked with laughter and said she’d been in there countless times in her youth.  Had to dry the cash out to pay her for the tea.

Day -12 (17 June 2016)

Help on the journey: (1) 1-metre tiger snake as bike-lock

(c/o Alun Davies, Kilifi, Kenya)


(2) John Williams with Rex              (3) Goat guide in Mozambique

We all need help, and why not make use of those better equipped with senses of smell and direction?  A brightly coloured snake wrapped around bike and lamp-post discourages thieves.  Mammalian quadrupeds can pilot the ride in directions you may not have thought of.

Day -17 (12 June 2016)

Near Cobue, Mozambique – a Baobab tree of which the estimated height, girth and age are each about 20x the equivalent figures for Peg (foreground).

Last August Christo and Malcolm visited Peg on site in Cobue, Mozambique.  Christo contributed his engineering know-how to the construction of a building for teaching, clinics, meetings and offices for the community health programme:


Foundations laid in the dry season; building completed in early rains (note greenness) and now in use.

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Day -21 (8 June 2016)

1. Anglesea at sunset: that (behind the windmills) is where we hope to end up on 7 July

2. New Special Patron (SP) for LAHOW!

It had not occurred to us, until he pointed it out, that there is one person – a good friend of several of us – whose surname encompasses LAHOW; and he has agreed to take on the unprecedented role of being our SP. He is of course the inimitable:

enemy of: 

Dr Themba MziLAHOWa of Blantyre, Malawi, entomologiste extraordinaire

The duties of the SP are light – bear us in mind and in prayers, wish us well, and in particular in this hot (we trust) UK summer, keep insects out of our eyes.